Chemical Plants

A special development in this traditional area of steel construction has taken place during the last few years:

Economic fabrication in other countries has been and still is the challenge German steel construction firms have to cope with. On the other hand, clients request shorter times of execution of a project.

Going an unconvential way we solved the task by developing an intelligent network.

The engineering department is faced with the problem to transform an almost ready design into a construction ready for fabrication just a few weeks before the start of erection and simultaneously to comply with all approval regulations of the plant designer.

We have been successful in adjusting our computer system to the system of the plant designer and we continue working on new methods of optimizing the project procedure.

Our foreign subsidiaries are integrated in this process from the beginning in a way that there is no conflict between economic and short-term deliveries.

High quality deliveries together with a high standard of corrosion protection as well as a precisely organized erection are only some of our ideas for presenting perfect steel constructions to our clients. SCC-certification is another demonstration of our ability.
A perfectly planned sequence of erection is our basis for safety on site.

Due to our large scope of work you can rely on a partner with a special know-how offering qualified solutions for any technical problems.

An important acknowledgement are various satisfied clients who appreciate our way to combine traditional steel construction methods with innovation.